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       In the spring bath, China's reform and opening up has near fortieth years, 40 years, 40 years and 40 years absorb anything and everything, cultural collision. In the journey forward, we can prepare people with joy, accompanied by sweat, success accompanied by hardships, regret inspired struggle.
       Most of the backbone power comes from the brand foreign enterprises, and our ideals and beliefs will bring us together, change the identity, the same is pragmatic, innovation, and adhere to the healthy and sustainable development philosophy.
       As a national high-tech enterprises, scientific and technological innovation enterprises, we have created many emerging fields and concepts in the domestic industry. But in the national revival of the road, we must go out of the country, looking for more powerful competitors, experience in competition, under pressure, this is a long way to go, need all the advantages of strenuous and hard preparation of people diligently.
       China's national industry needs a miracle, a pole and a monument. And to achieve this miracle, we should adhere to the people-oriented, and create a warm and safe working environment for the staff; at the same time, to promote the basic technology to recover the original simplicity, industry, is the embodiment of President Xi Jinping says: empty talk, hard work and prosperous.
       Entrepreneurs should be different from businessmen and businessmen, entrepreneurs should have rich connotation, profound heart and compassion. Definition of entrepreneur's success should never be fame and profit, but how many people he has helped and treated in his life, and how many people miss it. Then go to help employees, serve the community, responsibility for the nation, courageous to assume more and greater social responsibility.