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Beijing robotics Engineering Center has developed a variety of robots - OFweek robot network

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In July 21, third, set up by the Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation 33 led Beijing City robot servo control system engineering and technology research center "has formally approved the establishment, at present, the Beijing city's first robot engineering technology research center has successfully developed a variety of EOD robot, palletizing.
From the Chinese CASIC hospitals 33 was informed that the Institute with its inertia, servo control, intelligent sensing, satellite navigation, intelligent robots and other core professional technology and product advantages in robot system, engineering technology research center of the declaration, the final assessment, approved the establishment of Beijing's first robot servo and control system engineering technology research center.
Since 2010, the Institute has developed and solved the key technologies of mobile robots based on intelligent mobile robots, aiming at industrialization, speeding up the R & D and market expansion of industrial robots and automation equipment. At the same time, actively follow and pay attention to the development trend of medical robot and service robot. After several years of research, has successfully developed the intelligent mobile robot, small tracked mobile robot, overloaded palletizing robot, industrial robot, series desktop source handling robot, large EOD robot and small high-speed parallel robot etc..
According to reports, the "Beijing City robot servo and control system engineering technology research center" was established, 33 will join the government, universities, enterprises and research institutions, to carry out intelligent robot and servo technology research and technological achievements into control, its subsequent focus include: accelerate the application of small industrial robots in the automotive electronics digital communications production line; special operations demand for petroleum, electric power, coal and nuclear industry, carry out special robot product development and market development; promote the development of unmanned technology, automatic control technology and multi robot perception, information processing and fusion technology; increase the investment conditions of the construction robot R & D efforts to further the formation of robots the platform is more perfect.
This settled Chinese space robot engineering technology research center, the future will also assume responsibility to promote the function of China robot and core technology development and localization, enhance the brand competitiveness of domestic robots, expand domestic robot and the core function parts of the industrial scale, and thus help the national intelligent manufacturing equipment engineering process.