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Intelligent equipment system drives China's manufacturing industry to take off

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/9/25 16:41:16 Hits:31233
The manufacturing industry is the cornerstone of a country's economic development, and the intelligent equipment system adds wings to the manufacturing industry. Demonstration application project of Dongguan Bronte with complete sets of equipment production line as an example, a digital manufacturing technology in the analysis and design system for complete sets of automatic production line design and validation, systematic study of the system optimization, the theory and method of flexible assembly reconstruction, establishment of the digital environment, the automatic production line of 3D layout design and process for planning, robot work unit simulation, analysis and Simulation of product assembly production line of discrete manufacturing process simulation and optimization work for complete manufacturing equipment design, manufacturing, project implementation to provide effective technical means.
Dongguan Bronte established digital design automation production line verification system, improve the automation ability of SIASUN company, opened up a new industry application. Shenyang SIASUN robot company through the automatic production line of digital design verification system can shorten the design cycle of 20% - 30%; design and application of digital authentication system, this project developed a large ground experimental system with a major engineering project in China, has made achievements of advanced international and domestic leading.
In the construction of embedded system development platform, the project team has standardized and developed all kinds of application driver library and board level support package, and developed communication module library and general control module library. On the basis of these studies, the formulation and implementation of "industrial Ethernet fieldbus standards (EPA)" has now become a national standard and international standard, and has achieved international advanced level. These research and development achievements have promoted the agglomeration advantages and overall market competitiveness of equipment manufacturing enterprises, and promoted the development of Shenyang equipment manufacturing industry to cluster, specialization and internationalization.
Intelligent equipment system in discrete and continuous production line automation control and important processing equipment digitization, information management, to overcome the large automatic production line design and development technology, embedded system development environment set up technology, the key technology of reusable SoC design technology, collaborative manufacturing production management and production process of dynamic tracking technology. To improve the manufacturing equipment digitization, networking and intelligent level.